Your.Bible makes it easy to launch a Bible website

Launching a website can take a lot of time and resources. But now there's a better low-cost (actually, no-cost) option for getting your church or ministry to engage the Bible online at your own online community with people you know and trust. With your registration of a .BIBLE domain name,...

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For the Fastest Access to the Bible on the Web

A new beta project of our partnership is underway to provide the fastest-loading web pages for the Bible. First starting with the book of Psalms, YouVersion has launched over 2,000 AMP pages at Psalm.Bible with every chapter and verse of the Psalms. YouVersion plans to complete this project in 2018.

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What are impressions and reach actually measuring?

To understand the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts, an organization must measure its impact in terms of numbers. The metrics of “impressions” and “reach” are commonly used. But, what do these terms really mean? This article will bring clarity to help you understand what is actually being... Read More

How to Subscribe to (almost) Any Blog by Email

You want to keep up with blogs, but you don't want to visit each and every single blog to see if there's something new. And you don't want to learn another yet another technology platform, because any learning curve is too steep and adds friction. 

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