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​.BIBLE Featured Website: Indian.Bible

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For digital Bible websites, the generic, top-level domain of .BIBLE is a memorable and clear home.

For Indian languages, Indian.Bible is the online portal for Bible-related activities connected to the Bible Society of India.

Making Bibles Available

The Bible Society of India (BSI) has translated and published the Bible in many Indian dialects. Since 1811, the BSI has made the Bible available in multiple languages, in both digital and physical formats, so that people can read and understand the Word Of God.

YouVersion is pleased to offer several Bibles through their Bible app, all in the languages of India and Bangladesh. And thanks to the BSI, YouVersion has launched several new versions, like:

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Teluga
  • Marathi
  • and many more!

These versions, along with many others, are available online in written format and often available in audio. Of course, these valuable resources are all available at no cost.

Making Bibles Accessible

The team at the Bible Society of India believe the Bible should be accessible to everyone. For example:

  • Many Braille Bibles are gifted in Indian languages to the visually challenged across India.
  • For those who cannot bread Braille, they have access to the Digital Audio Bibles on the YouVersion app.
  • Scripture selections (tracts) that speak of comfort and hope to sick people and care-givers are made available.

Making Bibles Affordable

There are 3,000 varieties and versions of the Bibles in a variety Indian languages, available as the Scriptures in their entirety, Old or New Testament, and a compilation of selected verses. The emphasis of Indian.Bible is to remember one important thing: whether online or in-hand...

There is a Bible for everyone.

Here what a visually impaired believer had to say about the Khasi Language Braille Bible:

"I have longed to read the Bible. Not just hear the Bible being read to me. I have been praying hard for a long time. I am happy that the Khasi Braille Bible is being released. Now I can read the Bible for myself. Thank you, Bible Society of India.” — Sister Bertha G. Dkhar Shillong

Unique URL

The unique URL of Indian.Bible is a simple domain name that directs Indian speakers to the Bible in digital, physical and audio form.

Be sure to check out the blog, and keep up with translation projects of the Bible Society of India at Indian.Bible.

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