Posted on April 2, 2020

​.BIBLE Featured Website: ReadingPlans.Bible

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During uncertain times, it’s easy to slip into discouragement and depression, and sometimes bitterness and negative thoughts creep into our minds. Thankfully, there’s a practice that balances those negative thoughts, and when it’s done in community, its benefits multiply.

For centuries, groups have experienced increased connection and relational growth when they study the Bible together. Why not use this known tactic to connect with your team during this unprecedented time?

According to the Center for Bible Engagement, reading the Bible, or Bible engagement, is the single most powerful predictor of spiritual growth, above any other Christian practice or discipline. Individuals who commit to this practice at least 4 times we week report:

  • Less depression
  • Fewer negative or self-destructive thoughts
  • Less bitterness
  • More positivity
  • A general feeling of encouragement
  • A greater ability to forgive

Harness this opportunity to gather around (virtually, of course) and study together!

At ReadingPlans.Bible you can download everything needed to start a reading plan with your group. All the resources are free and include materials to publicize and promote your plan, as well as suggestions for reading schedules and subjects.

Groups and churches have found it very helpful to have one place where participants can access the latest group details. When you choose a dedicated microsite for your reading plan, you set up your members for success.

Using a devoted website ensures that your reading campaign details and updated information are easily accessed by everyone. In addition, maintaining a separate site allows you to dictate the design of the pages, rather than having to fit within the design constraints of your main page.

Claim a Microsite

An easy way to create a microsite is to utilize a secondary top-level domain (like .BIBLE) or a subdomain. Above all, make sure your site has an easy-to-remember name and is easily found via the main site, like the examples at MyChurch.Bible or MyOrganization.Bible.

These sites perfectly demonstrate the ease of claiming a microsite for your reading plan. There’s a sign-up feature, daily update section, and access to every resource needed to join in the plan.

Your group can also claim a microsite. A domain for Bible reading plans can be found and purchased at As you can see from the examples, these secondary domains are the best solution for sites with more than one page and internal links.

Whether you’re back to meeting together as a community, or adjusting to a virtual community, every group will experience growth and health when they read the Scriptures together. Check out ReadingPlans.Bible and foster closeness in your community.

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