Posted on March 6, 2020

​.BIBLE Featured Website: Reasonfortruth.Bible

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Reasonfortruth.Bible is dedicated to equipping a new generation to defend and advance the truth of God through the use of Apologetics and Evangelism.

This starts with the mindset of giving correct interpretations of truth and being able to “reason for truth.” The goal of Reason for Truth Ministry (RFT) is to stem the tide by equipping you, your church, leadership, youth and families to better defend and advance the Christian faith through various means. The website of Reasonfortruth.Bible is logical and fitting home for these valuable resources.

Look Inside Reasonfortruth.Bible

The resources and training needed to train believers in this area can all be accessed through the Reasonfortruth.Bible website, which connects site users to a wealth of apologetic defenses and equipping resources at no cost. From blog articles and videos, to podcasts and books, Reasonfortruth.Bible is the place to begin an apologetics journey.

Reason For Truth Leadership

Steven Garofalo is the president of Reason for Truth Ministry and the host of the RFT podcasts, among other accolades. He is the author of two books, Right for You, But Not for Me; A Response to Moral Relativism and All Roads Don’t Lead to Heaven: Discovering God in the New Age, in which he presents powerful and entertaining arguments on the truth of the Christian faith, theology, Bible, apologetics with real-life application at churches, high schools and college campuses and of course online.

Listen to a Future.Bible podcast with Steven Garofalo, president of Reason for Truth Ministry.

Garofalo is a dynamic speaker who travels the world equipping leaders in the areas of Ethics, Arts & The Media, Christians & Politics, Unitarian Universalism and many other subjects.

Check out Reason For Truth’s social media channels to keep up on the latest RFT podcasts, articles, and speaking engagements.

Could a new domain name expand your reach and deepen your impact?

With a simple domain change to .BIBLE a few years ago, the folks as Reason For Truth (RFT) ministry saw their reach expand across the globe. There was a substantial uptick in website traffic, inquiries for the team to train individuals coast-to-coast, increased podcast downloads and subscriptions, and more conference attendees.

Finding a home on the .BIBLE domain allowed RFT to clearly communicate their affiliation with the Scriptures, and provided them a meaningful and clear domain name. Now the URL Reasonfortruth.Bible clearly describes the site content and reflects the organization’s unique brand.

These are important qualities for a domain name, which is a 21st-century marketing element that should not be overlooked. Digital Marketing Specialist Gillon Hunter tells organizations the best domain name is:

  • Unique
  • Clear
  • Short
  • Meaningful
  • Catchy
  • Inspiring

If your organization’s website name doesn’t fit your brand or isn’t catchy and short, find a not-com like .BIBLE to work for you.

There’s little doubt about the content of Reasonfortruth.Bible. The URL perfectly communicates the site content and mission behind it all--the Bible. Reasonfortruth.Bible merges apologetics and technology to spread the Truth to listeners all over the world. The URL Apologetics.Bible also points to Reasonfortruth.Bible, underscoring the ministry’s understanding of different audiences.

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