Posted on May 20, 2020

​.BIBLE Featured Website: Thai.Bible

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Where would you direct a Thai speaker who was interested in reading the Scriptures and accessing Bible study resources and current articles?

Thai.Bible is the online home of the free, searchable Scriptures in the Thai language, the official language of Thailand.

Developed by the Thailand Bible Society (TBS), a member of the United Bible Societies Association, Thai.Bible was created “to give all Thai people a Bible to use and the skills to use it.”

At Thai.Bible, site visitors will find:

  • A searchable version of the Scriptures
  • Bible reading schedules
  • Online devotional resources
  • Free e-books on subjects like the life of Jesus, or practical issues like losing a loved one
  • Access to Thailand Bible Society’s YouTube Channel
  • and much more!

Also accessible is the TBS blog showcasing the recent news connected with the Bible translation movement in Thailand. Interesting areas covered include:

  • Current Bible-related news
  • Teen Zone
  • Translation Team: We asked, they answered
  • Encouraging Testimonies
  • Christian Relations and Connections

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Stay on top of the Bible movement in Thailand. Keep up with the blog and exciting translation projects of the Thailand Bible Society at Thai.Bible.

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