Posted on April 27, 2020

​Keep Your Remote Teams in Community with AtWork.Bible

Posted on April 27, 2020 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples, Spiritual

During this time of distancing, energy must be spent on finding creative ways to keep now-remote teams together. Thankfully, there’s a proven and effective way to encourage individuals and teams: reading the Scriptures together.

If you're a faith-based workplace, help your people develop their faith alongside their co-workers by conducting one of the remote Bible-reading campaigns found on AtWork.Bible.

Everything you need to launch a Bible Reading Plan with your teams.

On AtWork.Bible you’ll find every resource needed to start a Bible reading plan at work...all available at no cost.

From getting people to sign up to choosing a plan, you’ll find it there, done-for-you

  • Email blasts
  • Social media images
  • Newsletter blurbs
  • Reading plan options
  • Suggested schedules

Keep the Team Spiritually Connected

A recent Gallup poll found that 21% of remote workers reported feeling lonely.

Curb the loneliness with scheduled video calls where team members can discuss what they’ve been learning from the collective Bible reading. Connecting over a shared experience is more important than ever.

Many of us have experienced the magic of a group reading plan. The science behind Bible engagement tells us that it’s the single most powerful predictor of spiritual growth, above any other Christian practice or discipline, according to the Center for Bible Engagement. Why not use this exercise to bring your team together during this unprecedented time?

  1. Choose a time and schedule. And in this case, choose a video conference software to host the chats.
  2. Decide on your plan. A variety of resources can be used to engage your team, like daily devotionals, prayer request sharing, or a group reading schedule. Sign up for resources on AtWork.Bible.
  3. Communicate the plan. Use a devoted website or page to ensure that your reading campaign details and updated information are easily accessed by everyone. (Check out for an example)

Your team—whether newly remote or veteran nomads—are adjusting to life in isolation.

You are all going through more changes and adjustments than you even realize. Take this opportunity to lean on resources that will help you all universally.

Empower your team to read the Bible together—at work—and watch community flourish.

Go back to the basics and engage your team by bringing them together over the common ground of the Scriptures.

Find every resource you need to conduct a Bible engagement reading plan with your team at AtWork.Bible. Sign up for the free schedules, social media cards, email statements, newsletter blurbs, website templates and more at AtWork.Bible.