Posted on April 25, 2019

Reaching a Diverse People: NYC.Bible

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With an easy-to-navigate site a memorable name, NYC.Bible is a collaboration of leaders and churches who are reaching people in New York City (NYC) through engagement with God’s Word.

Reaching people of every background and religion, the ministers on the front lines are connecting with people all over town — from coffee shops to homeless shelters — and sharing the powerful message found in the Scriptures.

“The people in this city have the potential to spur worldwide change, to inspire a revival of Bible advocates.”

Is NYC Churched?

Barna reports that:

  • 29% of New Yorkers have read the Bible in the past week.
  • 42% self-identify as Christians but aren’t practicing.

Read between the lines and see the hope: New Yorkers aren’t necessarily opposed to God’s Word, it’s just not a living, breathing part of their everyday lives. What a great opportunity to bring the Word to life to the diverse people in NYC with such varied backgrounds, world views, languages, and stories!


As the website attests:

Across the country, Bibles lie abandoned on bookshelves. A new generation is coming of age with very little knowledge of God’s Word... In the next 10 years, we aim to see 100 million people engaged with God’s Word in the U.S. We work to transform lives through God’s Word.

Whether it’s grabbing the dusty Bible off the shelf or subscribing to a verse-a-day email, NYC.Bible ministers are excited about the potential for people to engage with God’s Word.

Things to check on the NYC.Bible site:

  • People are connected with pertinent events, like Newark’s Catholic Bible Summit and Church of the Nazarene’s Community Bible Experience Training.
  • Resources like the Community Bible Experience for churches.
  • The research section of the website is a must-see, which breaks down the insightful data found in the Barna research project.


Committed to bringing Gospel transformation to NYC, leader Rev. Enid M. Almanzar works alongside thousands of churches and ministries with a specific focus on the Metro New York area. Most recently, Enid was appointed to the national board of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, which mobilizes faith leaders to fight for the common good and justice in the public sphere.

Check out the NYC.Bible site today, and tell us what you found most interesting! Did you find an event that you want to attend? Or a resource that you’re planning on using?

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