Posted on April 6, 2020

​Send a Free Bible at Stronger.Bible

Posted on April 6, 2020 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples, Spiritual

Our hurting world is hungry for Hope.

In these global times of challenges, there is a movement ready and waiting to send Hope straight to your mailbox.

The illumiNations Alliance in partnership with YouVersion have teamed up to mobilize Bibles throughout the United States in both English and Spanish. These are being made available at no cost for those seeking the hope of Christ found in His Word.

If you, a friend, relative or neighbor are in need of Scripture, you can easily obtain a free copy when you visit Stronger.Bible. Just provide the recipient information and they’ll do the rest.

How do you receive or send a Bible today?

  1. Visit Stronger.Bible.
  2. Fill out the recipient information.
  3. Done!

Don’t forget to pray for your neighbor or your loved one who will receive the Scriptures.

"All nations will come to your light." Isaiah 60:3a

God, we ask that all nations will come to your light. Please bless the reader of Your Word, making Your hope illuminated to them today.

Along with a Bible, included in the package will be more details on the partners at YouVersion, including access to thousands of online reading plans and ways to go deeper in Scripture, and a quick reference guide on how to read your new Bible for those engaging for the first time.

The illumiNations Alliance is a movement of Bible translation partners seeking to end global Bible poverty by 2033.

In these times of uncertainty and isolation, we can help you share the Scriptures with your friends and neighbors. Visit Stronger.Bible today and spread hope and light.