Posted on March 12, 2019

Walking With Jesus at WWJ.Bible

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When New Hope Gospel Ministries needed a website to promote their new course, Walking With Jesus, the .BIBLE domain seemed like the perfect space so WWJ.Bible became their digital home.

WWJ is an easy-to-recall acronym for the study name, and the domain name makes it clear what this site is about: the Bible. Whether you’ve been in church since you were in diapers or a new Jesus-follower, this study will be valuable for you.

Dr. Woodrow Kroll, President, Back to the Bible International, says:

“‘Walking With Jesus’ highlights every event in Christ’s life using both thought-provoking commentary and a harmony of the gospel accounts. Forget laying out all of the resources you have side by side, if you really want to really get to know Jesus, this one will take you there.”

The non-denominational study found on WWJ.Bible concentrates on the 4 gospels, taking the events in Christ's life in chronological order. Taught by Doctor Glen M. Copple, Litt.D, the study was developed after Dr. Copple encountered many believers who felt they already knew Jesus, and yet weren’t necessarily walking with Him. The focus of the class is to go through every event in the life of Jesus, and see how it relates to life circumstances today. After all, says Dr. Copple:

“I believe that Jesus is the best role model we could ever seek to find. Everything Jesus did and experienced parallels something that you and I face in our lives as well.”

For those who want to test the waters, there is an introductory book available at no cost. Just fill out the form online and you will receive a complimentary book to help you become acquainted with the Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series.

For more information and testimonies about the course, head over to WWJ.Bible today. Be sure to check out the variety of formats for the 6 volumes — like print, Kindle, Nook, and more.

You can get your new website at .BIBLE, too! For a limited time, you can register and receive 50% the standard rate.