Posted on August 31, 2015

Why our website has a new domain name NIC.BIBLE

Posted on August 31, 2015 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Promotional

We have switched the domain name of this .BIBLE website to NIC.BIBLE from the previous domain BIBLETLD.ORG. What difference does this make? Let me expound:

First, this domain prominently demonstrates how the Internet now recognizes .BIBLE domain names. This is a massive undertaking that took years of preparation. Seriously. While hundreds of other new domain extensions have been launched since last year, in categories like shopping, professions, cities, groups and languages, having the BIble proclaimed in this digital world implicitly points to how life is not only about material things and places but life has its fullness through the Word of God.

Secondly, we are joining the digital neighborhood of websites using .BIBLE domain names. The .BIBLE vision is to become the trusted online source for all things Bible and this is not a solo effort. We do this in partnership with a network of registrars and partners to make this happen. With the help of registrars, people around the world will be able to register .BIBLE domain names. And, with the help of partners, their usage of .BIBLE domain names will demonstrate how the Bible can better engage today’s digital lifestyle and the shape the future of innovation with the Bible and the Internet.

Yes, active Internet users are most familiar with the most commonly used domain extensions .COM, .NET and .ORG. People have also become accustomed to domains ending with .TV (i.e., .LY (i.e. and .CO (i.e. And most recently, people are becoming aware of new domain endings like .CHURCH (i.e. and .XYZ (i.e., thanks to Google’s reorganization under Alphabet).

Soon and very soon, people will become aware of new .BIBLE domain names, where people can find content that positively portrays and respects the Bible.

Thirdly, this particular .BIBLE domain is authoritative. NIC.BIBLE must be used by the official .BIBLE Registry. NIC stands for Network Information Center (NIC), which traces its origins back to 1993 when it was the name of the Internet’s governing body. The NIC acronym is being used to standardize where people can find the official websites of Registry Operators for new gTLDs (generic top level domains) launched after 2013. This requirement is mandated by ICANN in Section 3.1 of Specification 5 in the Registry Agreement.

Lastly, we are saving users a lot of time. It might not seem like much to save 3 characters of typing for 1 person. But let’s do some math. If we aggregate the time used in typing 3 characters for 1,000 monthly visitors, that’d add up to 3 hours every year per thousand visitors!

Are you eager to see more .BIBLE domain names in use on the Internet? A limited number of partners will be launching their .BIBLE domains beginning this September through the end of 2015! We’ll be happy to share with you the good news here at the .BIBLE blog—

When the .BIBLE Registry launches to the general public, organizations and individuals will be able to register .BIBLE domain names that are more useful, memorable, and meaningful. 


[update] Individuals and organizations can now register .BIBLE domain names that are more shareable, memorable, and meaningful at any accredited registrar.