Top 7 Most Popular URL Shorteners to Make Sharing Easier

URL Shorteners make it easy share links over social media and email, even presentations. Shortcut URLs are no longer just used on Twitter. 

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Why are there so many versions of the Bible in English?

There are over 100 Bible translations available in English today! What makes each version different and unique?

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Sharing the Bible With Wikis

We’ve invited the Founder of Bible Wiki, Adam S., to author this guest blog post.

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Is it worth switching to a shorter and better domain name?

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How to Find New Bible Apps in 2017

It's a new year and this means new mobile apps will be newly launched along with updates to existing apps. Just a month ago, in December 2016, the most popular Bible app by YouVersion surpassed 250 million installs! With the world's population exceeding 7.3 billion people, there are... Read More