Key Findings from State of the Bible 2023

Between April and December, American Bible Society will release nine new chapters in the State of the Bible 2023 story, including reports on how our mothers shape our faith; the Bible's influence on human flourishing; Gen Z perspectives on the Bible, faith, and church; and the impact of emerging technology on...

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How to actually increase Bible engagement?

The great research team at American Bible Society has synthesized its years of learnings into a Pathway of Scripture Engagement to visualize what a person's and a group's concrete steps and milestones for engaging with the Bible. The definition for Scripture engagement is: consistent interaction with the Bible that shapes...

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Free Bible Widget for your Website or Blog

Install the Bible Widget to add a variety of free tools to your website or blog that will enhance your readers’ experience on your site. Choose from a dozen different Bible versions in English. The URL to get it all is

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Exploring Digital Innovations for the Future of Bible Engagement

The exponential growth of technology has made the Bible more ubiquitous and accessible than ever before. This dynamic relationship between the Bible and technology is nothing new. Technological developments have been transforming how people receive, study, teach and apply the Bible for hundreds of years.

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