10 Reasons Why It Is Safe to Pre-Register .BIBLE Domain Names

[this article remains online for as historical information—the content below is no longer applicable since the .BIBLE top-level domain launched in March 2016]

The .BIBLE Registry is diligently making final preparations to make it possible for organizations and individuals to register .BIBLE domain names for... Read More

Why Mobile Apps Need Domain Names Too

Even with the Internet namespace expansion going full-speed ahead and the time of usage of mobile (smartphones and tablets) increases, the value of a domain name will be just as important as ever. Here are two important reasons why a mobile app can be more valuable with a relevant domain...

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Free Bible Devotionals App for iOS and Android

American Bible Society has launched a free Bible Devotionals app for smartphones and tablets - available to download instantly for iOS and Android! Get the Bible Devotionals app to grow a habit of reading the Bible on a daily basis.

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