Posted on May 23, 2016

Free Highlighter Automatically Links Bible References on Your Website

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Quickly and easily turn the Bible references in the text of your blog or website into a link that opens up the Bible passage, for FREE

     Update November 2019: This post is kept online for archival purposes, even though its content has been changed with a recent update. The new URL for the free Global Bible widget is—the new auto-linker tool has replaced the highlighter described in this post.     

The BibleSearch Tool’s Highlighter automatically turns all Bible references on your website into links to the Bible passage.The Highlighter will automatically find Scripture references on your website and allow your visitors to read and explore those passages without leaving your site.

The best way to see it in action is to try it. Try clicking on John 3:16, or Psalm 23 (RSV). These 2 links were automatically created by the Highlighter by finding Scripture references and making them clickable!

The Highlighter is the perfect way to let your visitors read Bible without leaving your site. When she’s done reading, your visitor can click the X to close the mini Bible window, and she’ll be reading your devotional again. You can try out a demo of the Highlighter to see a few more examples and experience it for yourself.

highlighter info

The Highlighter recognizes references in a variety of common formats and recognizes many common book abbreviations. Currently, it supports only English-language book names and abbreviations, although you can use non-English Bible versions—refer to the Highlighter’s detailed instructions for how to implement.

By default, the Highlighter will link to the GNTD (Good News Translation). However, the Highlighter can be configured to use one of many versions available on the BibleSearch website—see the complete list.

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