Posted on May 19, 2016

Understanding the Bible better with vivid illustrations, images, and photos

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In previous generations, drawings and flannel graphs illustrated the Bible stories, people, places, and activities. In the digital age, we first had clip arts and now we have some graphic illustrations too. As the saying goes, “a picture worth a thousand words,” meaning that when we’re learning or teaching the Bible, having good imagery can truly enhance our understanding of the Bible stories.

In a previous blog post in this series, How Photos could be the Best Bible Illustrations, we found resource links that were curating Bible verse images, where the Bible text was placed on an inspirational image or background.

There are more web resources that vividly portray the Bible stories by illustrating the people and places through images, photos, and illustrations. Here’s some examples:

Goodsalt offers “the largest collection of religious illustrations anywhere, both contemporary and historic” by licensing “Christian art for publishing, public worship, religious ministries, advertising, broadcast, web & more.”

The chronological Bible in pictures ( is a gallery that “contains 1,000’s of beautiful full colour bible illustrations. Each image has one sentence and all of the images connect together to tell the whole Bible story from Genesis to Revelation.”


Pictorial Library of Bible Lands ( has more than 17,500 high-resolution photographs from the biblical world. The complete set is “an 18-volume collection of high-resolution photographs of important biblical and historical sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and other countries.”


Bible Story Pictures For Children ( — contains over 2,700 Bible story pictures. contains “thousands of pictures covering a wide range of Bible related subjects: Historical and Archeological sites, aerial and close up views, museum objects, coins, inscriptions, mosaics etc. Different ethnic and religious groups, individually portrayed in their daily activities and colorful ceremonies.”


Blue Letter Bible’s Image Gallery’s description: “Images are provided as a visual aid for various events portrayed by biblical accounts. By no means are certain images meant to accurately portray the appearance of God or to limit Him in any way. They merely stand as visual representations in order to describe a biblical event in the same manner that an illustrated children’s Bible seeks to obtain that very goal. The images should not be worshipped or used in the practice of worship in any way.”

Blue Letter Bible’s Image Gallery

What are other useful web resources that help you to make the Bible stories more vivid through illustrations and imagery? Please add a comment to share.

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