.BIBLE TLD Registry Policy Documents

All policies reflect the ICANN Registry Agreement requirements. Policy documents are available as PDF (Portable Document Format). Technical info for registrars can be found at get.bible/registrars.

Change Log

8/11/21 Updated DNSSEC Practice Statement.

8/07/20 Updated DNSSEC Practice Statement.

11/28/18 Added clarification about usage of third-level domains on .BIBLE

2/22/18 Acceptable Use Policy updated. Code of Conduct combined into Acceptable Use Policy.

1/03/17 Policy Governing Letter/Letter Two-Character ASCII Labels posted.

7/28/16 Acceptable Use Policy updated.

3/03/16 DCDRP Policy and Rules (final version) posted.

1/06/16 Acceptable Use Policy and Code of Conduct updated. Draft version of DCDRP Policy and Rules posted.

9/25/15 Code of Conduct updated.

9/03/15 Published initial version.