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Registrars will find essential information here about becoming an accredited .BIBLE registrar that offers registration for .BIBLE domain names. The .BIBLE TLD will make available .BIBLE domain names that are memorable and meaningful to help people engage with Scripture, share Bible-related content and promote the Bible.

Become a .BIBLE accredited registrar

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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are to help registrars quickly understand the general registration policies and terms of the .BIBLE TLD. If you have other questions that are not covered in these FAQs, please contact the .BIBLE team.


Q: How does a registrar offer .BIBLE domain names for registration?

A: The .BIBLE TLD Registry is working with the existing ICANN registrar channel and open to all accredited registrars that have a healthy respect for the Bible and the .BIBLE mission. This will enable a wide group of registrars to provide registration services around the globe so that .BIBLE is accessible to all people in all areas of the world. To become a .BIBLE registrar, fill out this form to request the Registry-Registrar Agreement.

Q: What are the .BIBLE policies?

A: Current policy documents for .BIBLE TLD are posted at get.bible/policy

Q: What is the current pricing information for .BIBLE domain names?

A: Pricing information for registrars is posted at get.bible/registrars/pricing (login credentials required).

Registrant Eligibility

Will anyone be able to register any .BIBLE domain name?

A: Domain names may be registered by individuals and organizations that want to associate themselves, their products, services, thoughts, ideas or anything else in a positive way with the Bible. Domain registration will require acknowledgement to abide by all .BIBLE policies.

Q: Will registrants be required to provide any kind of verification when registering?

A: No. The only requirement from registrants is to abide by all .BIBLE policies.

Q: How would a Registrar verify if the domain is related to the Bible, religion or not?

A: We do not require verifying religious affiliation. We only require registrants to use domain names in accordance with all .BIBLE policies.

Registrant Responsibilities

Q: Are registered .BIBLE domains required to be live? If so, is there a time limit when the site must direct?

A: No, they are not required to be live.

Q: Can an applicant register a domain but not resolve it on the internet?

A: Yes, this is allowed.

Q: Are defensive registrations allowed?

A: If by defensive registration you mean, registering a domain name but not using it, or someone being able to register their brands in the .BIBLE namespace, even if they are not actively promoting the Bible (e.g. if Google registered Google.Bible), in order to secure the domains so they are not registered to a third-party, then that would be allowed.

Technical Details

Q: Who is the technical backend registry provider for .BIBLE? Who will be handling the finances for this TLD?

A: GoDaddy Registry is the registry service provider for .BIBLE and GoDaddy Registry will be managing the billing for .BIBLE TLD.

Q: What IDN languages (if any) will be supported?

A: The current .BIBLE TLD Registry Agreement with ICANN is approved for 17 IDN languages that are supported by the GoDaddy Registry backend. When an IDN language would be activated and supported is yet to be determined.

Q: Can registrars get a list of Premium Names, or Reserved Names, or Pricing Tiers?

A: Registrars can obtain the pricing and availability of any .BIBLE domain in real-time via EPP. Currently, the .BIBLE TLD is not publishing its premium names. Reserved names list may be requested after executing a non-disclosure agreement—please contact the .BIBLE team.

Q: How can registrars sell Premium Names?

A: In order to sell Premium Domain Names through the EPP client systems, registrars must implement the Registry Fee Extension for EPP. Pricing info for premium domains are provided via EPP.

Q: How do I contact technical support for .BIBLE TLD?

A: Please contact GoDaddy Registry Customer Support by email help@registry.godaddy or by phone +1 480-651-9999.


Surely if one has strong beliefs in the Bible, they already attend church and engage in this community, how would having a .BIBLE domain change this or enable further Bible engagement?

A: By making the search for anything related to the Bible easier to find and unifying Bible-related content through one top-level domain, we can help to build even stronger and connected communities as a digital neighborhood. One of the primary goals of .BIBLE is to encourage innovation that further enables Bible engagement. Specifically, interaction with all things Bible and the people who share the same beliefs can now extend to all digital medium. .BIBLE enables an identifiable means of communicating with people, organizations and communities that associate or identify with the Bible. .BIBLE identifies and points people to a trusted Internet name space dedicated solely for all things Bible.

Q: How will you prevent negative content or abuse in the .BIBLE namespace?

A: To protect .BIBLE’s reputation and the associational benefits we will actively enforce our Acceptable Use Policy, which we believe will effectively prevent improper or negative speech and inappropriate online conduct. These mechanisms will help protect the reputation of the .BIBLE top level domain, its registrants, and Internet Users, so we can ensure that .BIBLE will continue to be the trusted online source for all things Bible.

Q: How will you ensure that the target audience is aware of .BIBLE and understands its benefits to be motivated to register .BIBLE domain names for their websites?

A: .BIBLE TLD started with a Qualified Launch Program with select partners to raise awareness and promote this top-level domain in accordance with ICANN requirements. American Bible Society has an extensive network of partners, supporters and relationships across the globe. Believers and active participants in Bible engagement are in the millions and we will actively communicate across all available channels to ensure that the world’s community of people who love the Bible will be informed and are invited to join the digital neighborhood of .BIBLE. Plans for .BIBLE communications include: international press outreach, proactive partner involvement through ABS´ network of Bible Societies, publishers and Christian ministries as well as extensively utilizing social media networks.

About .BIBLE

What is the mission of .BIBLE?

The mission of .BIBLE is to encourage Bible engagement, translation, innovation, and global partnerships so that all people may experience the life-changing message of the Bible.

What is the vision of the .BIBLE gTLD?

.BIBLE is a Top Level Domain with a vision to be the trusted online source for all things Bible. The .BIBLE TLD will make available .BIBLE domain names that are memorable, meaningful, and shorter to help people, organizations and communities come together online to engage with Scripture and share Bible-related content.

Who is the Registry Operator of .BIBLE?

American Bible Society is the registry operator for the .BIBLE TLD. We’ve been preparing this for several years, and we see the .BIBLE TLD as a natural evolution of our efforts to bring the life-changing message of the Bible where it’s needed most.

What is the mission of American Bible Society?

For nearly 200 years, American Bible Society has worked to share God’s Word with those who need it most, empowering more people to experience the transformative love of Jesus. As we enter our third century of ministry, we continue to carry out this mission by working to see 100 million people actively engaged with God’s Word in the United States—and by translating the Bible into 100% of languages needed to reach all people. Learn more about American Bible Society at american.bible .