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All of our Bible tools offer the easiest way for you to encourage your site visitors and users to read the Bible. Choose from these 3 free tools: Widget (embed a Bible search widget), Highlighter (automatically link to Bible verses), and API (include Scripture content directly in your web app).

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American.Bible is the website that features the ministries of American Bible Society.

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At, you’ll encounter practical ideas and guidance to help you engage deeper with Scripture.

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A website for the curious and thoughtful, looking for insight into this great big mystery called life. Created by a diverse group who believes that, when engaged thoughtfully, the Bible can be one of the most exciting, surprising, and life-giving books in the world.

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American Bible Society Journeys

Whether it’s a daily or weekly e-mail Bible study, audio, print or a text message, everyone can explore the eternal truths of the Bible in a Scripture-based Journey. Covering a variety of topics, Journeys make the Bible relevant to everyday issues and challenges.

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Journey Maker

With this free tool, you can create a series of Scripture messages and share it with congregations, small groups and Bible studies. Choose your topic, set a schedule, your Bible version or translation, and deliver by e-mail or SMS text.

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BibleMinded App

Through the BibleMinded app, Scripture memorization is easier than ever, allowing people to access pre-selected memorization plans or build their own. Available for free on iOS and Android!

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Children’s Bible App

With the Bible Adventures for Kids app, children can interact with Bible stories on iPads, Kindle Fire and mobile devices. The app, designed for kids ages 4 through 7, is now available in English and Spanish and has a read-along option.

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Bible Search API

With nearly 1500 Bible versions available across over 1000 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available. The BibleSearch Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to include Scripture anywhere in their website or application for noncommercial purposes.

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More Digital Ministries @ American Bible Society

  • Daily Bible Reading - Enhance your daily Bible reading with a daily devotional keyed to each day’s reading.
  • Bible Resource Center has a large collection of articles, study guides, church resources and more about the Bible’s books and topics, people and nations.
  • Mission Trauma Healing equips local people, churches and NGO’s to care for the broken and afflicted who suffer severe wounds of the heart and spirit in the aftermath of conflict, disaster or abuse.
  • State of the Bible ( - American Bible Society releases in-depth findings from its annual State of the Bible survey.
  • Armed Services Ministry ( - Help meet the critical spiritual needs of our nation’s military by providing customized ministry programs and Scripture resources
  • Lectio Divina is a weekly framework for a faithful and respectful reading of the Bible, coordinated with the Catholic lectionary calendar.