Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine an Internet where memorable websites such as “” and “” put God’s life-changing message at the fingertips of billions of people. If you’re dedicated to sharing God’s Word by launching websites and apps with domain names that end in .BIBLE, you’ve come to the right place! Get a quick overview via the .BIBLE Digital Brochure »

With your help, this .BIBLE TLD will help build a long-term framework to fuel innovation and grow digital ministry worldwide. See our list of 66 Ideas for .BIBLE Domain Names and kickstart your creativity with these real-life examples. And, get insights from case studies of .BIBLE websites.

A Memorable and Meaningful Name

Now you can choose a domain name from hundreds of new options—and .BIBLE is one of them. Short, simple and meaningful. 

.BIBLE domain names help churches, ministries and others come together to engage with Bible-related content. With such a valuable keyword connected to your web address, you'll be identified as a member of a trusted community and online source for all things related to the Bible.

.BIBLE Sets You Apart

Relevance. Trust. Eternal impact. These are just 3 of many reasons that a .BIBLE domain name is valuable to you! 

relevant and trustworthy

.BIBLE Has a Broad Appeal

Bible societies, Bible publishers, churches, church societies and Christian ministries of every denomination from all around the world can identify their website as Bible-related. Here are some examples of potential usage:

Who runs .BIBLE?

American Bible Society, a Christian ministry that has equipped people to engage with the life-changing message of God's Word for nearly 200 years, operates the .BIBLE registry. As we enter our third century of ministry, we continue to carry out this mission by working to see 100 million people actively engaged with God’s Word in the United States—and by translating the Bible into 100% of languages needed to reach all people. Learn more about American Bible Society at

How to Register a .BIBLE Domain Name

You can register a .BIBLE domain name at any accredited .BIBLE registrar of your choice.

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Anyone can register for a .BIBLE domain name, but they must agree to abide by the  .BIBLE Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy, designed to protect the .BIBLE top-level domain from inappropriate use and ensuring .BIBLE remains the trusted online source for all things Bible.