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Boost Search Engine Ranking with a Relevant Domain Extension

How does a domain name affect a website's search engine ranking? New research has shown that having a relevant domain name extension can boost the organic search engine ranking of a website. While all domain extensions stand on equal ground with regards to SEO performance, this research... Read More

How NewLife.Bible is Connecting More People with the Bible

During the time our .Bible team exhibited at the NRB International Christian Media Convention, we recorded a handful of videos with ministry partners that are enthusiastically using .Bible domain names! We'll be sharing those videos with you here at the in the... Read More

​How the New Website Berean.Bible Became Ranked in Alexa

This case study unpacks the details for how the new website Berean.Bible became one of the top two .Bible websites to date.

The Opportunity

Berean Bible is a new translation with a family of Bible editions that covers a range from word-for-word through thought-for-thought translations. The... Read More

How New Domains Are Showing Up in Search Results

One of important considerations for selecting a domain name is how it would help with better placement in search engine results with the highest possible ranking. This is one of the most prominent factors that is part of the art and science of SEO, or search engine optimization.

... Read More