A Memorable and Relevant Domain Name

There are hundreds of new top-level domain names that are available, and .BIBLE is one of them. A .BIBLE domain name provides mission- minded organizations with a way to instantly tell people who you are and what you believe. Strengthen your presence on the web with .BIBLE. Get a quick overview via the .BIBLE Digital Brochure »

.BIBLE is the Strategic Choice

The .BIBLE top-level domain opens up new digital real estate that allows mission-minded organizations to switch to or get a web address that adds strength to their brand and makes it easier to find the name they really want.

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Is .BIBLE For You?

The .BIBLE top-level domain helps organizations like yours leverage their potential on the Internet. Whether it is your primary domain or stand-alone website for Bible reading campaigns, annual reports, or digital bulletins, .BIBLE will bring greater visibility to your special projects online.

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About Us

Since the beginning of American Bible Society, we have been driven to ensure that the message of Jesus Christ is available to all. Over time, our marketplace initiatives have supported making sure the Bible is available in new formats, more languages, and to every tribe and nation. You might even call us trailblazers.

Today, with our .BIBLE initiative, we are helping other Christian, mission-oriented organizations discover how the use of a .BIBLE domain name has tactical, missional, and brand-related value. This is part of American Bible Society in The Digital Age — we lead like-minded "pioneers" to establish brand relevance online through our top-level domain offering.

Learn more about American Bible Society at american.bible.

Are You Ready?

You can register a .BIBLE domain name at any accredited .BIBLE registrar of your choice.

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Anyone can register for a .BIBLE domain name, but they must agree to abide by the  .BIBLE Acceptable Use Policy, designed to protect the .BIBLE top-level domain from inappropriate use. To read the full policy, go to get.bible/policy.