About .BIBLE

Strengthen Your Brand Identity with the Bible

American Bible Society is the registry operator for the .Bible top-level domain (TLD). The TLD is part of American Bible Society's strategy to increase engagement with the Bible.

Our mission is to help Bible-inspired websites bring clarity to their brand and empower Scripture engagement, translation, innovation, and global partnerships so that all people may experience the life-changing message of the Bible.

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FAQs about .BIBLE

Q: Can anyone register a .BIBLE domain name?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the use of a .BIBLE domain name?
A: Registrants must agree to abide by the .BIBLE Acceptable Use Policy, designed to protect the .BIBLE top-level domain from inappropriate use.

Q: How much does registration for .BIBLE domain names cost?
A: Pricing for .BIBLE domain names vary by registrar. Check pricing at accredited .BIBLE registrars.

Q: How are premium .BIBLE domain names priced?
A: The pricing for premium .BIBLE domain names was based on a comprehensive third-party valuation process that assessed the pricing based on current market value. Premium pricing only apply to the first year of registration and renewal fees are normal-priced for all .BIBLE domain names.

Q: What happened to those .BIBLE domain names that were pre-registered?
A: The .BIBLE registry provided a free pre-registration service for the public to express their interest with no obligation. Those who pre-registered were among the first to be notified when .BIBLE domain names became available to the public on March 8, 2016. Read more explanation about the pre-registration process.

Q: Who can I contact with questions and comments about .BIBLE?
A: Please fill out the contact form at get.bible/contact

Q: What are the .BIBLE policies?
A: Current policy documents for .BIBLE TLD are posted at get.bible/policy

Q: Where can registrars obtain information about becoming a accredited registrar for .BIBLE domain names?
A: Information for registrars about .BIBLE domain names is available at get.bible/registrars

Q: When did the .BIBLE top-level domain become part of the internet?
A: The .BIBLE top-level domain was delegated on June 2, 2015 and .BIBLE domain names have been available to the public since March 8, 2016.

Q: Where can I learn more about ICANN’s new generic top level domain program?
A: Visit their website at newgtlds.icann.org for more information

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For Red Cross, IOC, and INGO organizations authorized to register ICANN protected domains, please fill out this form.

The Internet is Changing

One of the biggest changes and most exciting opportunities in the history of the Internet is here! The Internet landscape is changing dramatically, as existing domains like .com, .net and .org are being joined by .cool, .fun, .ninja, many others, and of course, .BIBLE too.

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Why Is This Change Happening?

Have you ever tried to register a domain name only to find that your first, second or third choice had already been taken? While there are still lots of available .com, .org and other domain names, to get a domain you really want takes a lot of luck, a lot of money, or a lot of creativity. Now the organization charged with overseeing the internet addressing system, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is expanding the number of available Top Level Domains (TLD)—the part to the right of the dot in a web address. This will greatly increase consumer choice and help fuel new innovations on the World Wide Web.

About American Bible Society


American Bible Society is the registry operator for the .BIBLE TLD. We’ve been preparing this for several years, beginning with our application to ICANN describing the mission of .BIBLE as “positive promotion” of the Bible community and the Bible, and we see the .BIBLE TLD as a natural evolution of our efforts to bring the life-changing message of the Bible where it’s needed most.