American Bible Society to Offer a New Domain: .BIBLE

"The goal of making the Bible more accessible has inspired innovation since the 1400s, so it is not surprising that the Bible would continue to be pushing progress; the .BIBLE top-level domain will increase the availability of Bible resources and expand the reach of Scripture in new and relevant ways."

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The State of the Bible 2013

The State of the Bible

— March 2013 Press Release

A new report released today finds Americans overwhelming (77%) believe morals and values are declining in the U.S. The most-cited cause for the decline? A lack of Bible reading.

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American Bible Society Continues Its Tradition of Innovation

.Bible to Join .Com and .Org?

— June 2011 Press Release

American Bible Society is working to make a new top-level domain available—.BIBLE. The .BIBLE domain will make millions of additional URLs available and the messages of the Bible even more accessible to people in a... Read More