Bible Verses That Influenced Senator John McCain

Throughout the memorial services, McCain’s favorite Bible verses were read aloud, reflecting the faith and hope of the senator, husband, father and grandfather. Some are popular favorites, and some that truly reflect his passion for service.

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Letters to Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

American Bible Society, along with and local congregations, nationwide, celebrated the influence the Bible had in the life and work of Dr. King through a movement of local and national dialogue on Dr. King’s impact on our nation’s past,present, and future (you can read more... Read More

The Secret to Leadership

We work with a lot of leaders doing what we do, so the subject of leadership comes up quite a bit—whether we are discussing leaders we admire or our own leadership style and goals. Countless books have been written on the subject. Can you guess one of our favorite...

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Mercy Shows Itself In Many Forms

What does God really say about justice and mercy?

As recorded in the Bible, we know God's people are encouraged to respond to His blessings by helping others and giving generously to the poor. But did you know the term “mercy” in the scriptures is closely related... Read More