​How is your church reading the Bible in 2019?

Has your church planned a church-wide Bible reading campaign in 2019? We'd love to hear about what your church is doing and see the many creative ways that different churches are reading through the Bible together as a community.

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Disciple-Making Disciples: Insight from Harmony.Bible

Check out a recent episode of Future.Bible podcast, where our host Kenny Jhang talks with the creators of Harmony.Bible—Greg Troxell and Fr. Rob Eaton —they share the vision behind the cooperative ministry of Harmony Bible, whose mission is to help prepare disciple-making disciples.

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Curating a List of the Top Bible Blogs and Bloggers

Yes, there are many websites and blogs that have content produced by Christians, pastors, and churches on a wide range of topics inspired by the Bible. But, finding blogs centrally focused on the Bible itself can be elusively lost amidst the millions of websites indexed by search... Read More

Best Bible Reading Plans for 2019

Do you want to get started with reading the Bible in the new year? In 2019, you can choose from one of these carefully-selected Bible reading plans to regularly engage with the Bible as a most important part of your spiritual life.

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