Posted on April 10, 2017

​How the New Website Berean.Bible Became Ranked in Alexa

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This case study unpacks the details for how the new website Berean.Bible became one of the top two .BIBLE websites to date.

The Opportunity

Berean Bible is a new translation with a family of Bible editions that covers a range from word-for-word through thought-for-thought translations. The sources and tiers work in correspondence that gets readers to the root of the Greek and Hebrew meanings. Learn more about the Berean Bible at Berean.Bible and in the article, “Berean.Bible Connects Readers with Accuracy and Meaningfulness”.

As Berean.Bible was developing its web presence, the timing coincided well with the launching of the .BIBLE Top-Level Domain (a Top-Level Domain is the underlying technical infrastructure that enables websites and apps to use domain names that end in .BIBLE).

Before .BIBLE domain names became available to the general public, Berean Bible signed up as Pioneer Partner to make history as one of the first websites launching with a .BIBLE domain name at Berean.Bible.

How .BIBLE Added Value

By using Berean.Bible as the domain name for Berean Bible, the web address is obviously simple, meaningful and memorable for people to know and remember where to find information about this new translation. The new domain name also prominently shows the translation’s innovation in being part of the online source for all things Bible.

Additionally, just as this new Berean Bible translation is developing a brand new resource for sharing God’s Word, using Berean.Bible adds an association with American Bible Society’s history of sharing God’s Word, demonstrating credibility and commitment to a common mission done with integrity and purpose. This was a blessing and encouragement to the work being done in translating the various editions of Berean Bible.

How the Audience Grew for Berean.Bible

After launching in March 2016, the number of visitors to Berean.Bible started growing from referral websites and search engine queries. Berean.Bible first broke through to being one of the top 1 million Alexa websites in 2016. With some fluctuation and growth, Berean.Bible ranked globally at 730,198 and in the United States at 327,249 (at the time of this blog post.) How does Alexa ranking work? When a Alexa ranking is lower, that means a website has a higher number of visitors and page views, in comparison to other websites on the internet. And with over 1 billion websites on the internet, ranking among the top 1 million is notably significant.

There are 5 tactics have contributed to growing this significant audience to Berean.Bible:

First, the primary marketing is being done through the website with online promotions through the materials freely shared that contain links to version information, how to buy and download. Links to Berean.Bible are found in the footer on every page related to the displaying Bible verses from the Berean Bible.

Secondly, Berean.Bible ranks #2 on Google search queries for “Berean bible.” Note that even with Google search algorithm is constantly evolving, having an exact match domain name is a contributing factor (along with over 200 other signals) for how Google decides how to rank websites to best help users find what they’re looking for.

Thirdly, Berean.Bible is promoted as a featured website at, the official .BIBLE registry website, as well as being mentioned often as an example for using .BIBLE domain name effectively.

Fourthly, printed materials are also used to promote the brand and domain. An example of a printed Scripture portion looks like this:

Finally, Berean.Bible has free licensing that helps to spread the usage in print, online and software. The licensing request is automatic and can be completed very quickly at

How .BIBLE Can Help You

Having a domain name that’s short, meaningful and memorable is foundational to maximizing your online impact. If you have a ministry, book, app or innovation related to the Bible, consider how a .BIBLE domain name will add value, credibility, and engagement to your website.

Often people ask about search engine optimization (SEO) and, yes, it is part of the equation for how people find your website. As this case study illustrates, there are also many other communication channels that also directly drive traffic to your website, including your digital communications (email signature, social media, link sharing, articles), print materials (brochures, business cards, letterhead, t-shirts, branding, creatives), signage, and advertising, just to name a few. In other words, it’s more valuable to get the right people to visit your website than just a bunch of traffic from random strangers.

Our team at the .BIBLE Registry is ready to help you get your website to be more prominent and stand out from the crowd. Feel free to contact us at and we’re ready to help.