Posted on August 15, 2016

Find.Bible makes it easy to find Bible resources in any language

Posted on August 15, 2016 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Case Studies, Examples

In this interview with Ken Bitgood, we learn about the collaboration behind Find.Bible and how this memorable domain name makes it easier for people around the world to find Bible resources in their own language.

What is Find.Bible?

Find.Bible is the worldwide web directory of Bibles and biblical resources in the 6000+ languages of the world. Find.Bible is made up of links to print Bibles, print-on-demand Bibles, digital Bibles, audio Bibles, visual Bibles and Bible resources – in multiple formats. Find.Bible is designed to help people discover and obtain Scriptures and biblical resources in the language and media of their choice for discipleship, evangelism, and church planting.

Find.Bible is a collaborative and cooperative effort by members of the Forum of Bible Agencies International and the Digital Bible Society. Find.Bible is currently cataloging 3,071 Bibles and 76,624 Resources in 5,859 Languages (at the time of this blog post.)

Find.Bible ensures that the world’s Bibles and great biblical resources are easy to find, secure, use and share - in every language. While it is possible to search for Scripture and Bible resources online, the sheer quantity of available content is overwhelming; and, not every Scripture is discoverable on search engines. Plus, Find.Bible serves as a reference point for Bible translation organizations seeking to discover which Bibles have or have not been published in a specific language.

Why was the domain Find.Bible important for this website, since it had a domain name already?

Having a short and meaningful domain name like Find.Bible has helped people to more easily remember our web address. In the past when we shared a web address, people often didn’t remember whether the domain name had a .COM or .ORG (or something else) on the end. Now we can say that the web address is just Find.Bible and there’s no extra ending to add. People are getting it because it just makes sense!

How has the new domain name Find.Bible made a difference?

We were recently in Ecuador for 3 days of training with 250 pastors, church planters, and denominational leaders. There are 24 languages spoken in that part of the world and most of them did not know what Bible resources are available in their own languages.

When we introduced them to the Find.Bible website as the source to find all the Bible-related resources in their language, they were very excited. For example, out of the 30 church planters, 28 of them were not aware that The Jesus Film was available in their language! Now they know how to find Bible resources very quickly and easily!