Posted on July 20, 2017

How Amazon Is Using .BIBLE Will Surprise You

Posted on July 20, 2017 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Examples, Internet

One of the biggest brands around the world today is using a .BIBLE domain name—that brand is Amazon. Yes, the very popular website at that's known for selling all kinds of books online also sells all kinds of Bibles.

At the time of this post, over 42,000 items are listed in The Bible Store at Amazon.Bible. That’s a lot of Bibles!

How does it work? Amazon.Bible redirects to's customized landing page for Bibles, titled "The Bible Store." The web address of that page is That super long URL is not something anyone would want to type out nor is it shareable.

But, Amazon.Bible is very easy to remember, easy-to-type, meaningful and shareable!

Complementary Domains

This article at Rightside describes the concept of branded navigation as a “complementary domain” strategy and illustrates how Amazon uses its domain portfolio:

What sets Amazon apart from many brands is that they are also very aggressive in putting their vast domain portfolio to active use, often redirecting their new domains to appropriate product pages, landing pages, and other web properties. This complementary domain strategy can make it easier to use dense websites with many pages and complicated navigation trees, a description which certainly fits Amazon’s flagship web property., for instance, takes you to the dental supplies category landing page, while is the download page for news and magazine apps in Amazon’s mobile ecosystem. Non-consumer-focused domains also find a use, with redirecting to the division that works directly with authors, or, which is a job listing for Amazon’s legal department. even goes to a collection of some of the funniest customer reviews their products have earned.

Seeing how Amazon is using,, and many other new domain extensions, this will undoubted influence other brands to use branded navigation too.

Changes That Come With Influence

How influential is Amazon? According to Forbes, Amazon ranks #6 as one of the World's Most Valuable Brands. According to Alignable, Amazon is listed as the #1 most trusted brands by small and local businesses in North America.

Recent news about Amazon indicates how their thinking about new domain extensions would innovate to further improve the customer experience. Amazon has overcome another hurdle in the process of launching .AMAZON domain names on the internet. In the article, " gets big win in domain battle, may yet get .Amazon domain," an Amazon spokesperson said: “We look forward to the ICANN Board re-evaluating our application for the .AMAZON top level domain so that we may develop new experiences and innovations on behalf of our customers.”