Museum of the Bible Opens Construction and Conversations

As construction begins for the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, there’s been a recent flurry of mainstream media coverage about this significant project, propagating from the 2 syndicated news articles from Reuters and Religion News Service:

Museum of the Bible aims for timeless name, imagery (by... Read More

Why some new gTLD domain names are not available to register?

When a new gTLD enters its general availability phase, anyone around the world could register any unregistered and available string as a domain name with the new gTLD extension. Obviously if a domain name is already registered, then it wouldn’t be available. But some attempts at registering a... Read More

Idea #10: What about Sharing the Whole Bible on Twitter?

Twitter has become a fertile digital space for creativity since its launch in March 2006. The convention of using @ with a Twitter handle for replies and mentions emerged over a year later; and the convention of using # for hashtags as a label for topics of twitter conversations didn’t become... Read More