Posted on February 26, 2014

10 Reasons Why It Is Safe to Pre-Register .BIBLE Domain Names

Posted on February 26, 2014 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Promotional

[this article remains online for as historical information—the content below is no longer applicable since the .BIBLE top-level domain launched in March 2016]

The .BIBLE Registry is diligently making final preparations to make it possible for organizations and individuals to register .BIBLE domain names for use on the Internet. The pre-registration process is an important part of that preparation—your input helps us to tailor .BIBLE to be more effective in sharing the Bible’s life-changing message.

To encourage you to pre-register .BIBLE domain names with, here are 10 reasons to reassure you that it is safe to pre-register .BIBLE domain names with us—

  1. It’s completely free to pre-register with no obligation. When you pre-register .BIBLE domain names you’re interested in, you are under no obligation to buy or register any of them.
  2. is the only official registry website where you can securely pre-register .BIBLE domain names.
  3. Get updates by email, conveniently delivered to your inbox. We will notify you with the latest news and updates about .BIBLE domain names via the .BIBLE email newsletter. (and you can unsubscribe anytime)
  4. Be among the first to get updates. We will send .BIBLE news and updates to those who pre-register, conveniently delivered to your email inbox.
  5. Win a .BIBLE Charger! We will randomly draw a new winner every month. See instructions for how easy it is to win.
  6. sample watch list

  7. Update your watch list of .BIBLE domain names. When you pre-register your .BIBLE domain names of interest, you’ll create a free account so you can login to update your .BIBLE domain names that are saved in your watch list.
  8. See what .BIBLE domain names are popular. When you login to view your watch list, you can see what .BIBLE domain names are popular. If a domain name is popular, consider adding extra .BIBLE domain names to your watch list, so you have a better chance of choosing a domain name that is easier to get. (see image at the right)
  9. We will not publish nor publicize your list of pre-registered .BIBLE domain names . What you pre-register here is kept private and secured.
  10. We will not share your personal information with anyone else. The American Bible Society is committed to protecting your privacy. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
  11. We will not pester you to buy a .BIBLE domain name from us. When .BIBLE domain names are available, we will notify those who pre-registered at (Simple as that.)

Any other questions? Please add a comment and our team will do its best to answer for you.