Posted on March 11, 2019

3 Must-Have Website Components

Posted on March 11, 2019 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Internet

This is a guest post from Kenny Jahng, highlighting 3 website non-negotiables.

Ever wonder where to begin when building a website? Of all the bells and whistles available for your site nowadays, the following 3 components are a must.

1. Email Address Capture

To engage prospective clients and increase sales, give site visitors a way to opt-in to your business communications. First, do your homework and select a platform that works for you—price, storage, templates, etc. Second, figure out how you’ll collect the visitor information. From a “get updates” offer box to a coupon code offer, keep the conversation going by continually offering and updating your lead magnets.

2. Analytics

Though options are plentiful, you’ll want to install software to uncover your site’s analytics, and also software to track your Facebook ads. Software to track data on your website can be overwhelming, and that’s before you’ve even read any of the results!

Google Analytics is basic and relatively user-friendly. If you want to really use it for all it’s worth, consider hiring a pro to help interpret some of the information.

Through Ads Manager, Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising. Once it’s installed into a website and a user clicks on the ad, it can track the behavior of the user. I’m sure it goes without saying: getting an inside view on-site visitors’ trends is invaluable.

Did we mention that both of these are FREE?

3. Give Option

There is no reason to be shy about asking for financial support for your cause or church, and making it easy is paramount nowadays. The easiest way to give? Online, of course.

Countless online giving options exist, but it’s important to test your software from a user’s perspective. If it’s complicated or time-consuming, you’ll lose potential supporters.

Once you install some analytics software, test out some email capture techniques, and choose a “give” option for your site, you will have good footing to serve your customers and cultivate a profitable relationship, for everyone involved.

Which software do you utilize on your site for these purposes? Share your favorites with us!

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