Posted on October 30, 2019

​4 Bankable Methods For Strong Year-End Lead Generation

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You create interesting and exciting email content. You segment your email list to target your subscribers. You scrub regularly. And yet you aren’t gathering leads at the rate you’d expect. What’s missing?

Here are some bankable methods you can use today to generate strong leads and build your email contact list, just in time for your end-of-year appeals.

1. Have you ever hosted a giveaway?

We like this fun idea by OptinMonster.

You’d be amazed how easily people will give away their contact information for the chance to win an Amazon gift card or a Visa card. Encourage followers to share your posts on social media, and promise to throw their name in the “hat” for each additional time they each share. How? It’s as simple as assigning each entry a number, and then Googling “random number generator.” Put in your parameters and then generate the number, which will be associated with the winning entry.

PRO TIP: Remember to congratulate your winner publicly on all of your channels. After all, the purpose is to gain attention and leads.

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2. Have you considered gating some of your website content?

We know, it’s a controversial subject. Gated content, any media that lives behind a lead capture form, is only accessible once the user provides personal information, like an email address.

Gated content can present itself in several forms, but we’re partial to lead magnets and content upgrades. You’ve seen these countless times, like when you’re on a website and you see a pop-up promoting a valuable resource in exchange for some personal information, like an email address.

Does gated content convert? Here’s what the folks at MonsterInsights have to say:

“Plainly, gated content works exceptionally well at converting leads. And not just any kind of leads, you’ll see higher quality leads too.

Why is this so?

Because only the people who are hyper interested in your content will convert.”

Of course, the one downside is that content behind that pop-up form can’t be crawled, but the valuable payoff is that you’ll make a connection with a potential customer when they opt-in and give you their email address or other information.

3. What’s your expertise? Have you ever hosted a webinar?

Using tools like Zoom or Google+ Hangouts, or even Facebook Live, you can host a webinar. Does that sound intimidating? Two ways to get your feet wet:

  1. Check out the guidelines in marketing guru Neil Patel’s article for running a successful webinar. From building your buyer persona and determining objectives, to setting up your landing page and promoting your event, you’ll get the scoop on hosting a great webinar.
  2. Attend one! Investigate some of your favorite resources--websites, bloggers, podcasts--and see if they’re hosting a webinar anytime soon. From registration to follow-up, take notes every step of the way. Even approaches that are different than yours will teach you a valuable lesson.

Whether you plan a masterclass or a Q&A webinar, try this approach to lead generation, and you’ll covert committed customers.

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4. Go back to the basics and master them.

Sometimes you find your missing glasses on top of your head, right? Let’s take a look at some super-simple steps you can take to invite leads. The problem is they’re so easy, you might have overlooked them.

  • Every email you send can generate a lead.
    • Your email signature should include a call-to-action and link to your current promotion. Ask your staff do the same--it’s fast and free!
    • Is there an invitation in your broadcast emails and newsletters to forward to a friend?
  • Is there a subscription opt-in checkbox at your checkout page? Whether or not you have a formal newsletter, you can offer to share the latest news with subscribers.

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