Posted on November 12, 2021

American Bible Society Celebrates YouVersion’s 500 Million Download Milestone

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American Bible Society Celebrates YouVersion's 500 Million Download Milestone

American Bible Society celebrates the 500-millionth download of the YouVersion Bible app, an online Bible platform launched in 2008 to make Scripture and Bible studies accessible on mobile devices. YouVersion shares an impressive 2,602 Bible versions in 1,744 languages—including audio and sign language video. More than 95 percent of these Scriptures come from the Digital Bible Library (DBL). The DBL is owned by the United Bible Societies, a global fellowship of more than 150 Bible Societies operating in 240 countries and territories. It is operated by staff from American Bible Society and United Bible Societies. The DBL is a trusted Scripture archive that catalogs and safeguards Bible translations and connects interested parties for streamlined permissions and use.

“The YouVersion Bible app has transformed the way people read and study God’s Word in digital community. This historic milestone of 500 million installs would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of Bible Societies as well as a coalition of content managers, curators, and support experts across the globe. We’re working together with one shared vision: reach people with the Good News faster than ever before, right on their devices,” said Dave Thomas, Executive Director of Translation at American Bible Society. “With Scripture accessible in more than 1,800 languages, we’re quickly democratizing access. But millions of people around the world are still waiting for the Bible in their heart language. We continue to work toward a future in which every person has access to God’s Word in the same language they use to pray.”

The DBL is designed to contain and cultivate a brokerage of trust for use of digital Scripture in every language spoken on earth by the year 2033. Its mission is to gather, validate, and safeguard Scripture translation content in a standardized digital format, and to empower partners to reach people from every tribe, in every nation, with the power of God’s Word in their heart language by providing authorized and licensed access to the library content.

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