Posted on December 16, 2019

1.2 Billion People Still Do Not Have Online Access to Scripture in Their Own Language

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American Bible Society to Launch 200 New Websites in 2020 Toward Solving Scripture Digital Divide With Digital .BIBLE Project

1.2 Billion People Still Do Not Have Online Access to Scripture in Their Own Language

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- American Bible Society (ABS) and United Bible Societies (UBS) have partnered together to identify, build, and launch 200 new Bible websites toward closing the Scripture digital divide as 1.2 billion people still don't have online access to Scripture in their own language.

"Today, many people —even those in remote regions have easier access to the Internet than they do to physical books like the Bible," says Sam Wanyoike, IT Infrastructure Manager from United Bible Societies.

With 1.2 billion people unable to access Scripture online in their own language, the ABS Digital .BIBLE Project will work in phased increments. "In 2020, we will launch an additional 200 new Digital .BIBLE websites," explained Wanyoike. "These websites will change and transform lives because we believe the Bible is truly powerful, and finally, millions more people will have access to Scripture online in their own heart language."

The partnership between American Bible Society, a 200-year-old Bible ministry, and United Bible Societies, a network of Bible Societies operating in over 200 countries and territories around the world, is positioned for success. "We believe that, by 2033, the Scriptures will be translated into all known languages," said Robert L. Briggs, President of American Bible Society. "This Digital .BIBLE Project ensures that we are matching pace with Scripture translation digitally."

To accompany the launch, American Bible Society is engaging in a fundraising campaign to support these efforts. Donations received will support the launch of 200 new Digital .BIBLE websites, e-commerce, and fundraising functions of each website, as well as training and development for Bible Society teams.

"We want to give other people who, like us, are passionate about both Scripture translation and/or digital technology, an opportunity to help," said Scott Wennermark, Director of Strategic Advancement for American Bible Society. "A project like ours, where donations are funneled directly to helping individuals access the Bible in their own language, can help change the world."

Those interested in supporting the ABS Digital .BIBLE Project can find more information online at

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