Posted on October 15, 2018

Domain Registration FAQs

Posted on October 15, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains

We have fielded a lot of questions from registrar providers since becoming the registry operator of the .BIBLE top-level-domain. Let us answer the most frequently asked questions!

Where can I find more information about becoming a domain registrar for .BIBLE TLD?

Find everything you need to know, and links to additional info, at

How can a registrar offer domain name? How does this work?

The .BIBLE TLD Registry is working with the existing ICANN registrar channel and open to all accredited registrars that have a healthy respect for the Bible and the .BIBLE mission. A large group of registrars will provide registration services around the globe so that .BIBLE is accessible to all people in all areas of the world.

How can I get information on becoming a registrar?

You can fill out this form and someone will contact you. There are no restrictions to becoming a .BIBLE registrar aside from ICANN accreditation. Of course, accredited .BIBLE registrars must agree to uphold .BIBLE policies.

Why did .BIBLE TLD decide to become the registry operator of .BIBLE?

  • We believe we can help to build even stronger and connected communities as a digital neighborhood by making the search for anything related to the Bible easier to find , and unifying Bible-related content through one top-level domain.
  • To encourage innovation that further enables Bible engagement. Specifically, interaction with all things Bible and the people who share the same beliefs.
  • .BIBLE identifies and points people to a trusted Internet name space dedicated solely for all things Bible.

Simply, identifying online real estate like the .BIBLE TLD promotes the Bible and Bible communities.

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