Posted on February 20, 2014

Free Bible Devotionals App for iOS and Android

Posted on February 20, 2014 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: News, Online Presence

American Bible Society has launched a free Bible Devotionals app for smartphones and tablets - available to download instantly for iOS and Android!

Reading the Bible on a daily basis is important to many of us and we hope that you will find that the Bible Devotionals app helps you to grow a habit of reading the Bible on a daily basis.

Bible Devotionals app on iOS Bible Devotionals app on Android
Download the Bible Devotionals app for iOS Download the Bible Devotionals app for Android
Bible Devotionals on iTunes Bible Devotionals on Google Play Store

Bible Devotionals is powered by JourneyMaker and offers all the great Journeys from American Bible Society, including themes like love, grace, forgiveness, faith, justice, marriage, God’s promises, healing, and so much more!

What is a Journey? A Journey is a series of daily Scripture messages that are created with the JourneyMaker platform. It’s called a Journey because you are taking a journey through Scripture and being encouraged to grow deeper in the Word of God.

Journeys are created by American Bible Society and our partners, including trusted churches and Christian ministries. Each day’s message consists of a Scripture passage as well as commentary text, audio files, videos, or images. You can subscribe to Journeys through the Bible Devotionals app.

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