Posted on March 24, 2020

Get Help and Relief for Trauma during Times of Crisis and Disaster

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Get disaster relief resources and spiritual first aid for disaster survivors and first responders.

The Beyond Disaster program from the Trauma Healing Institute of American Bible Society provides materials to help people recover from natural and man-made disasters. The program integrates best practices in mental health into a biblical framework. 

Resources are available in English and Spanish. Download free PDF copies, or order printed copies from  DisasterRelief.Bible. These resources are distributed by American Bible Society in the USA and by other partners worldwide. More resources for survivors, first responders, and churches are in development.

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Beyond Disaster: A Survivor’s Guide for Spiritual First Aid

Beyond Disaster is a guide for spiritual first aid for people who have survived natural or human-caused disasters. This download offers:

  • Strategies to help people cope in the short term
  • Guidance on what to expect during the process of recovery
  • Resources to begin a journey toward emotional and spiritual healing

Based on the globally proven model of the Trauma Healing Institute, this download integrates best practices in mental health into a biblical framework. Related resources for survivors, helpers, and churches are available at DisasterRelief.Bible in digital and print formats, in English and Spanish.

Download or Order at DisasterRelief.Bible

What people are saying

"Beyond Disaster: A Survivor’s Guide for Spiritual First Aid is a simple yet profound tool to care for those who have experienced trauma or equip those who will respond. A strong reliance on Scripture and practical approach takes an individual, family, or team through the emotions they are experiencing and the questions they may be asking in a way that is relatable and applicable to a variety of situations. This book has obviously been put together by people with real-life experience and a passion for holistic care.” — Nate Killoren, Director of Crisis Response, SIM

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