Posted on November 15, 2018

Help Your Customers Recognize Your New TLD Domain Name

Posted on November 15, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Social Media

The new top-level domains (like .BIBLE) allow you to have a short, memorable, and dynamic URL.

Once you’ve chosen your best website name with a new, top-level domain (TLD) and updated all of your pages to reflect the new, branded domain, chances are you’re wondering will my customers recognize us on this new TLD?

With thousands of websites being updated as a result of new TLD’s like .MUSIC, .FOOD and .BIBLE, this is a question many groups are asking.

A new website address on a TLD can strengthen your brand, and will give your business added credibility and professionalism with customers. Below are 3 action steps to remember once you’ve moved to a new TLD.

1. Use your actual domain name

This seems obvious, but with the ease of creating a business page on social media sites, it’s not a given.

Whether or not you are populating the pages of your new site, you can still use the url! Let’s say your main business page is on Facebook or Etsy, take the steps to redirect and use your new TLD as the web address for your business page on that social media site. Register for a website name, and then redirect straight to your Facebook business page. Redirecting can be easily done by logging into your account (the site where you registered your domain name) and change the settings.

2. Branded email

Are your email addresses branded to your business? Or are you using a free email address?

A branded email is crucial for communicating that your business is established and legitimate. One online survey from Verisign found the vast majority of customers would trust a company-branded email over a free address. Also, why not take every chance to promote your brand, with every email sent and link shared?

3. Promote your new domain name!

Be sure to add it to every social media platform you’re on, and add to any directories where you’re listed. Also be sure to update any printed materials, like business cards, brochures or other collateral. Don’t forget your team’s uniforms or other textiles!

Essentially, anywhere your customers might see you and your products, they should see your website address.

If you have any questions about registering for a .BIBLE domain name, please feel free to reach out and ask any questions about this generic top-level domain.

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