Posted on November 7, 2017

How To Win a .BIBLE Domain Name Worth $5,000

Posted on November 7, 2017 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Internet, Updates

Many exciting uses of .BIBLE domain names continue to get launched in our second year of operation. (The .BIBLE top-level domain was launched in March 2016.) Organizations are using .BIBLE domain names for brand new websites as well as rebranding existing websites with a new web address.

Exciting Uses of .BIBLE Domains

We love to tell the stories of how our ministry partners are strategically using great .BIBLE domain names like Newlife.Bible, Find.Bible, Harvest.Bible, EasyEnglish.Bible, Harmony.Bible, and ReasonForTruth.Bible.

Read the details about the strategy behind each of these sites in this article, 6 Smart Ways To Rebrand With Authority While Being Memorable.

To give you some practical examples, look at this short list of use cases:

  • a mobile app website
  • search engine for Bible resources around the world
  • a Bible church website
  • website for a specific Bible translation
  • discipleship resources
  • a Bible-based training ministry

Also see other .BIBLE sites featured at with more kinds of uses.

.BIBLE Domain Challenge

We believe that many more of the best ideas will come from you, the Bible-believing community. We would love to hear about your Bible-inspired ideas, to see innovative sites get launched, and to tell your stories.

During the month of November, we are partnering with unSeminary to collect creative and interesting use case examples for a .BIBLE domain name—both for main and secondary domain uses. The best idea will win a premium .BIBLE domain name for 2 years with a value up to $5,000! And, it’s FREE to enter this .BIBLE Domain Challenge.

For all the details and have a chance to secure your own free .BIBLE domain name, go to

[update 11/20/17] Watch this video for more about the contest, with DJ Chuang (.BIBLE Registry Manager) and Rich Birch (of unSeminary):

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