Posted on July 10, 2019

​Introduction: 7 Lessons on Growth

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In the areas of growth and marketing, it’s critical to see the difference between temporary, short-term, and steady growth. This is especially true with the power of social media.

Is the growth within your organization the result of an affordable, sustainable effort? If not, celebrate your success, but be careful not to consider it a blueprint for the future. Gaining traffic and attention is exciting, but not enough for reproducible growth.

Are you set up to experience growth?

  • Are the measurable action steps in your growth strategy scalable?
  • Is there a strategy for testing and implementing improvements?
  • Since growth hacking in business is fast-paced and widespread, are all of your teams on board?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to talk about growth. Here’s a sample of what we’ll cover, exploring different perspectives of growth for leaders and organizations.

Let’s talk about growth.

Blueprint for Growth

In business, true growth hackers work with such speed and flexibility, it can look haphazard, with no strategy for the ideas, testing and tweaking. False. We’ll uncover some blueprints for sustainable growth, and you can start to apply those hacks to your organization.

Growth Mother Lode

There is no shortage of resources online for the subject of growth. We’ll do the culling for you, and give you the best of the best.

Bonus: In this article we’ll make sense of the alphabet soup around the subject of growth, providing a glossary of acronyms and terms.

Growth Hacking for Churches

Churches are no exception to the subject of growth. Whether it’s a strategy to grow by numbers or by reach, churches have been talking about growth for... well, thousands of years. In fact, research has shown that one thing in particular has the biggest impact on the growth of church attendees. Stick around and find out more.

When it comes to domain names, the best ones reflect good hospitality. Does your church need a new welcome mat?

Experts in Growth Hacking

There are experts on the subject of growth hacking, and we’re going to introduce you to them and their philosophies. You can read their books, check out their blogs, listen to their podcasts, or follow them on social media. Find a couple and take their lead to test some of their proven techniques in your organization and personal life.

Podcasts: Growth

Learn on the go! Subscribe to these podcasts and download more useful knowledge about growth. This digital medium is convenient but also efficient: hear best practices from popular experts, and find out the latest information in the field of growth.

Growth for Leaders

What’s the one thing holding back leaders from sustainable growth? We’ll take a look at a leader’s kryptonite, but also their biggest strength.

Health can take on a lot of meanings. Are you a healthy leader? Check out 6 Habits of Healthy Leaders.

Building a Growth-Driven Website

Practical and manageable growth-hacks for your website that you can apply today. Have you ever tested a call-to-action button on your site with a new color? Or used personas on your site to customize the user experience? It’s easier than you think!


Remember tried-and-true SMART goals? Refresh your memory of these objectives, and you’ll be ready to start designing your growth hack blueprint.

Come back and check out the articles on these subjects and more. In this series we’ll give you ultra-practical ways to experiment with growth hacking, and how to strategize inputs and outputs for growth. Are you ready to grow? Stay tuned!

We look forward to hearing about your hacks and the outcomes you’ll experience. What kind of growth hacks has your organization already tested and implemented? Leave a comment and share with us your experience.

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