Posted on January 3, 2019

Top Bible Reading Plans on the YouVersion Bible App

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We are so encouraged to see so many people engaging with the Bible in the new year! The Bible App (by YouVersion) had a record-breaking day on January 1, 2019, with over 1 million reading plans started! 

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With so many reading plans in the Bible App library, how do you choose a Bible reading plan that's right for you? Perhaps starting with a Bible reading plan that's popular with others can help.

Also, check out these Bible reading plans from American Bible Society in the YouVersion Bible app.

7 Suggested Reading Plans for the Bible App

7 popular Bible reading plans for 2019 were suggested over on the YouVersion blog. Take a look at, "Your best self starts now."

5 Favorite Bible Reading Plans

Then there's author David Ramos' recommendations of his favorite Bible reading plans (in addition to 6 Bible reading plans he's contributed to the YouVersion library)—

The 5 Most Popular Bible Reading Plans

But what does the data say? Well, back in 2011, the Top 5 Reading Plans from the Bible App and were these:

  1. Life Application Study Bible® Devotion. The most often-read plan on the Bible App will help you learn to apply God’s Word more fully to your life each day. 
  2. The One Year® Bible is the world’s most popular annual reading Bible. Daily readings of less than 15 minutes provide you with excerpts from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs – guiding you through God’s Word in one year. 
  3. Bible in 90 Days. This plan leads you through the entire Bible… in just 90 days! While it’s certainly an intense commitment, reading this much in such a compressed time will help you understand the big picture of God’s story in ways you may have never experienced before. 
  4. Chronological. Taking into account the order of historical events and the latest research, this plan takes you through the Bible in chronological order in one year. This is a great plan if you want to add historical context to your study. 
  5. First Steps Reading Plan. Plan number five is ideal for those new to reading the Bible. Based on the Life Journal Plan, this plan includes just a few, brief readings each day to build your consistency and confidence, both in reading the Bible, and in your faith.

How many Bible reading plans are in the Bible App and YouVersion?

At the time of this post, there are over 4,000 Bible reading plans from hundreds of content providers in the Bible App to choose from. In case you were wondering.

Which Bible reading plan are you subscribed to complete this week, this month, or this year? Add a comment and share!