Posted on January 15, 2014

What Are People Saying about .BIBLE domain names?

Posted on January 15, 2014 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, News, Promotional

Mainstream media is raising public awareness about the biggest expansion of the Internet name space, with many new domain extensions becoming available to better categorize websites with more meaningful domain names. One estimate is projecting that as many as 1,000 new domain extensions are being made available in the next year.

Websites have become the digital home for all kinds of content (news, magazines, blogs, videos), commerce (online stores, shopping, travel, services), and conversations (social networks, discussion boards, chat rooms). The team at this .BIBLE TLD (Top Level Domain) Registry has been diligently working to prepare the infrastructure for making it possible for .BIBLE domain names to be registered; for example,,,, or could be sample domain names that would be used to indicate websites having content that positively promotes the Bible and associates with the digital neighborhood for all things Bible.

What .BIBLE domains would you like to have? Please share with us the .BIBLE domain names you’re interested in using the .BIBLE pre-registration form—it’s free and no obligation; and we will let you know as soon as .BIBLE domains available.

To familiarize the public with how these dramatic changes of the expanding Internet might affect you and what it could mean, here are 4 news articles that have mentioned the forthcoming availability of .BIBLE domain names:

[The Washington Post] Move aside, .com: .wed, other domains will make Internet more crowded

In the application for ­.bible, the stated intention is to “Provide world-wide access to all qualified parties interested in disseminating or seeking information . . . about Bible issues.”

[The Christian Post] American Bible Society Opens .BIBLE Domain; Called a ‘ Move From Gutenberg to Google’

... the .BIBLE top-level domain will allow the 197-year-old nonprofit to make the Bible more accessible in “new and relevant ways.” The American Bible Society also stated that it intends… “to make .BIBLE domain names available to individuals and groups who have a healthy respect for the Bible.”

[Christianity Today] .Bible Joins .com and .org as domain name options for Websites

“The goal of making the Bible more accessible has inspired innovation since the 1400s when the printing press was created,” said Scott Wennermark, ABS’s director of strategic advancement, in the same release. “So it is not surprising that the Bible would continue to be pushing progress.”

[Vatican Insider] American Bible Society to launch personalised domain .BIBLE

Although the American Bible Society cannot yet assign domain names, it has launched, where people can pre-register and get information of the procedure and time frame involved in getting a web address. The .BIBLE domain will be made available to registrants who want to associate themselves, their products, services, thoughts, ideas or anything else in a positive way with the Bible.