Posted on August 29, 2018

When Shorter is Better

Posted on August 29, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains

We were recently at the Rock RMS Conference in Kentucky where we met with and hung out with several thought leaders in the church tech space.

One of the values we tried to share with those who visited our booth is this: the length of your domain name matters.

And it’s not just our opinion.

In the Search Engine Journal, Gillon Hunter tells organizations that the best domain name is “unique, clear, short, meaningful, catchy and inspiring.

Two years ago, Planning Center Online relaunched their website specifically for those reasons and rebranded from “Planning Center Online” to “Planning Center.” This included making changes to its logos, its branding, and of course, its domain name.

The company web address switched over from the long to its current domain. There was no fanfare or no big announcement necessary—it just switched. (Of course, as part of making the domain switch, the old domain was redirected to the new domain, and remains so to this day.)

Things at Planning Center kept working and people kept using the software! New people kept signing up for the software, and there has been no negative SEO impact for them after the move to something shorter, catchier and more memorable.

Find.Bible also found this to be true when they switched to the .BIBLE domain. Why? “Having a short and meaningful domain name like Find.Bible has helped people to more easily remember our web address.

Planning Center and Find.Bible have figured out what we want all organizations to understand:

Shorter domain names are better.

  • Easier to remember
  • Friendlier to mobile users
  • Easier to type

Is your organization using its very best website name? Check out the options online and register today for your .BIBLE domain.