Posted on February 24, 2014

Why Mobile Apps Need Domain Names Too

Posted on February 24, 2014 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Online Presence

Even with the Internet namespace expansion going full-speed ahead and the time of usage of mobile (smartphones and tablets) increases, the value of a domain name will be just as important as ever. Here are two important reasons why a mobile app can be more valuable with a relevant domain name:

First, a relevant domain name makes it much easier to remember and to share. Think of how you would tell people where to get the app, whether verbally during an announcement, in a newsletter, or on a flyer. And it makes it easier for people to share apps with their friends when they’re using social media or sending an email. In the previous blog post, the .BIBLE blog announced the new & free Bible Devotionals app by American Bible Society.

What is easier to share and/or say?

(1) Go to the App Store and do a search on Bible Devotionals to find the app; and if your app has a name that is fairly common, then there will be other apps that show up in the App Store search results, so it could get lost in the shuffle; or

(2) Download the app at “DevotionalsApp.BIBLE” (this sample name’s to show what a new .BIBLE domain name could look like, for demonstration purposes only).

If you want to share a web address with a URL, and you had a choice between http://DevotionalsApp.BIBLE or , which would be easier to share?

Bible apps

Second, apps need a home on the Internet. People are getting accustomed to going to the App Store for installing an app. And when people want more information, the app listing has very limited space. Every app listing has a link to the Developer’s website and how to contact them. Remember how the very popular app for photo sharing called Instagram started out as an iOS-only app? Since its launch, it has added an Android app and a home website at the domain name with web pages for user profiles and individual photos.

As the .BIBLE Registry continues its preparation for launching its operations and making available new .BIBLE domain names, this will open up many new opportunities to strengthen the identity of websites as well as mobile apps (and future Internet-linked devices too) with the Bible and its life-changing message.