For years now, has been the best place to direct people who wanted to experience the Bible for themselves. And while will always be available, today we’re pleased to announce another simple option: You read that right. is a web page that was one of the very first to use the all-new top-level domain .bible. Just as “.com” is for commercial business, “.edu” is for educational institutions, and “.gov” is for government agencies, “.bible” is dedicated to becoming a trusted online source for all things Bible. is simple to use and simple to remember. Anytime you meet someone curious about the Bible, just tell them about No matter what device they use to visit, will direct them to where they can most easily install the Bible App.

Read about how is the fastest and easiest way to share the free Bible app from YouVersion and watch a video of Brian Russell, Director of YouVersion, describing his excitement over this.

Also,  read this endorsement for .bible top-level domain from Life.Church.