About Third-Level Domains at .BIBLE

Q: What is a third-level domain name?

A: Third-level domains are commonly known as “subdomains”. For example, on the URL https://go.get.bible, the third-level domain is “go”.

Q: Under what circumstances does .BIBLE allow third-level domain names?

A: The .BIBLE Acceptable Use Policy, Section 4.2.C. is designed to prohibit the sales of third-level domain names by registrants of .BIBLE domain names. Registrants of .BIBLE domain names can use third level domain names for their own use so long as they obtain express permission and approval from the .BIBLE Registry.

Q: What are some allowable uses of a third-level domain names on .BIBLE websites?

A: Commonly used third-level domains like www, mail, ftp, smtp, pop, blog, dev, kb, help, are allowed. No extra permission is required.

Q: How can I get approval for using third-level domain names?

A: Please complete the request form below: