the Fastest Bible on the Internet

Thanks to this partnership with YouVersion, we're able together provide the fastest Bible on the internet by making available fast-loading AMP pages for every Bible verse.

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How to actually increase Bible engagement?

The great research team at American Bible Society has synthesized its years of learnings into a Pathway of Scripture Engagement to visualize what a person's and a group's concrete steps and milestones for engaging with the Bible. The definition for Scripture engagement is: consistent interaction with the Bible that shapes...

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Exploring Digital Innovations for the Future of Bible Engagement

The exponential growth of technology has made the Bible more ubiquitous and accessible than ever before. This dynamic relationship between the Bible and technology is nothing new. Technological developments have been transforming how people receive, study, teach and apply the Bible for hundreds of years.

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5 Top Churches Leading Digital Tech Innovations in 2020

Some of the most innovative churches doing digital ministries online started years ago, before the global pandemic and the Coronavirus crisis forced churches to take their worship services online. While for many churches, livestreaming their sermons and worship songs is a new and challenging thing, other churches have... Read More