Why is the Number 3 Significant for NRB and .BIBLE?

While technologies can connect people in powerful ways, technology cannot replace the special value of meeting in person face-to-face. Conferences and conventions are great events where the .BIBLE team can meet many people in the span of a few days.

The NRB Convention is one event that... Read More

How Wycliffe Bible Translators uses 2 .BIBLE domain names

Scott Everhart (Senior Director of Marketing at Wycliffe Bible Translators USA) explains how natural it is to use 2 .BIBLE domain names - watch the video

See the websites for yourself: Wycliffe.Bible for the interactive annual report and Why.Bible for the conversation... Read More

Where to Find Patterns of Evidence for the Bible

An amazing amount of evidence for the historicity of the Bible has been gathered by Director Tim Mahoney, who took 12 years to make a film titled "Patterns of Evidence, The Exodus." Watch this video to hear Tim explain the one compelling reason for using... Read More

The Best Web Address for the Smallest Bible in the World

Watch this video to hear Mike Cohen (of Jerusalem Nano Bible) describe the significance of the smallest Bible in the world ever made and why they got nano.bible as the web address for all the amazing things people are making to carry the Nano Bible wherever... Read More