Posted on January 15, 2020

​4 Websites Who’ve Discovered Not-Com Brand Clarity

Posted on January 15, 2020 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples, Online Presence

What does a young web developer and an online Bible trivia game have in common?

They’ve both found their digital homes on the .BIBLE domain. Gaining brand clarity, these and other organizations are enjoying memorable and unique website names with the not-com .BIBLE domain address.

Read more to find out why a new top-level domain could be a great fit for a variety of website ideas!


If you're a faith-based workplace, why not help your people develop their faith at work? Cultivate a people-first culture and increase community by sharing resources found on AtWork.Bible and encouraging your team to read the Bible together.

Groups can choose a reading plan and even use the done-for-you promotional language and simple ideas to get the ball rolling!


At BelieveThe.Bible, search the Bible by words or verses, or by book, verse and chapter. Site users can search verses by the KJV Standard as well as the 1611 King James Version, with other Bible translations listed below each result.

Bonus: Have some fun with Bible Trivia! Challenge yourself or turn it into some friendly competition with your small group, and select a difficulty range from beginner to expert.

Is it time for you to update your branding and web presence? Use the same hack as these other organizations!


Is it important for you to develop a connection within your faith community? Have you been thinking about growth lately?

We know that reading campaigns lead to church growth as well as personal growth. At ReadingPlans.Bible, get everything you need (for free!) to start a campaign in your community.


What if there existed a top-level domain that was also your last name? A young systems administrator named Anthony Bible took advantage of that coincidence and claimed the website name Anthony.Bible. This seasoned Utah native is also a web developer.

Organizations around the globe have experienced brand clarity as well as search engine optimization on the .BIBLE top-level domain. Learn more when you download the free resource at

As HostGator states:“A new website can be an exciting way to refresh and improve upon what came before!”

Get small moves with big gains when you claim your spot on the .BIBLE top-level domain. Search for your .BIBLE domain name here!