Posted on July 3, 2019

​6 Expert Ways to Be Found

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When it comes to getting your organization or product found online, distractions come from every direction. After all, you are competing with the 9,999 other brand messages that consumers are exposed to every day.

How can you make sure your organization or church gets noticed?

Check out 6 expert ways for your brand to cut through the noise and be found online.

1. Be Relevant

Relevancy is the tipping point that results in conversions.

When your brand is relevant to a customer, it has crossed the threshold into an emotional choice and not just a logical decision. Emotive Brand states that relevancy is more important than differentiation.

A strong brand will begin by highlighting relevancy and then harnessing that message for the brand’s story, “evoking the emotions that will support, extend and highlight that relevance.”

2. Tell a Story

If there’s a buzzword to represent the past few years, “story” would be it. There’s a reason it’s on the mind of marketing types: it’s powerful and lasting!

Your brand story does not refer to your organization’s history and goals. Creating a narrative around your brand is the valuable technique of inserting your customer into a story. It’s the difference between listing the interesting things your church has done versus touching the heart of the potential attendee, making it easy for them to envision being part of the church family.

Scott Bedbury, Former Head of Marketing for Nike and Starbucks said:

“A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep. Companies that manifest this sensibility invoke something very powerful.”

Make the customer’s needs and desires the main characters in your story, and you will invoke a powerful connection.

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3. Maintain Consistent Branding

The first rule of standing out is to be recognizable. Are you producing a consistent message? Are you making the most of every single communication opportunity to speak your message and support your brand?

Social media influencers use tricks like applying a similar filter for all posts, and planning specific aesthetics for each campaign.

4. Build Community

Utilize the power of social media to build a community around your product or organization. Treat social media like it’s a job, planning and scheduling content that is on-point with the brand, but also personal and genuine.

A great way to nurture community is to spark discussions online. Ask questions and respond to answers, creating community strategically. These active users will make their way down the funnel by showing interest in your brand.

This “job” of interacting with social media accounts is a powerful tool. The more you interact and engage with others, the more they will reciprocate. On some social platforms, more activity means a higher ranking in the feeds.

5. Be Unique

Your greatest asset in a busy marketplace is your uniqueness. Can you identify exactly what makes your organization different than others in your industry? Ask a few acquaintances about what is particularly interesting about your product and start there. Your message should be authentic, differentiating you from the masses with your unique spin.

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6. Create Attractive Collateral

Last but not least, creative and attractive visuals will get noticed.

Check out the unique detail in Basecamp’s marketing. They stand out with their cartoon-style illustrations, and use eye-catching images to personalize the message of the company, which is project management and team communication software.

By using art and originality, Basecamp has made their product more approachable (and entertaining!).

Go beyond the standard stock photos online and create your own gallery. Find freelance artists on sites like GuruFiverr or Upwork, and put a completely original spin on your branding.

Get Your Brand Noticed

The possibilities are endless, and that might be a struggle, too. Take time to determine your areas of improvement, and make changes from there. Whether you choose to update your brand story or hire a freelance artist to change your aesthetic, choose one or all of these tips to get your brand noticed.